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Our School History and Politics magazine, produced entirely by our History and Politics prefects, provides our students with valuable additional experience in research and writing.

Introducing the final edition of the year, editor Lucy Reade, said: 

“This month, we have an article written by Sofia Worsley debunking some common myths about Socialism, and an article written by Hillary Small about Mesopotamia’s Revolution in Writing – this piece has been adapted from a longer, prize-winning essay that Hillary wrote. For our cross-curricular section, Dr Lawell and Dr Wilde were asked to write about who they feel has been an important historical figure in their areas of study. Economics student Joe Holywell and Psychology student Marnie Rodriguez-Skellon also contributed to this section. Also included is an insight into the Lessons from Auschwitz program from Conor Stigberg. Finally, we have the three winning essays from our latest competition organised by Tim Auth. Students were tasked with writing about whom they thought were the most influential figures in British history, with Roshan Sharma, George Ke and Rachel Ryan being chosen as the winners.

“We hope you enjoy this issue, and we’d also like to give a huge thanks to everyone who contributed.”

To read July’s edition, please click here. 

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