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To help keep our school community healthy and active during the third national lockdown, our PE department presented students and staff with an international lockdown challenge. Their challenge, to collectively clock up 6,960km, the distance between Liverpool and Qatar, by walking, running or cycling.

“We decided to launch this challenge to keep the Blue Coat community active during the third lockdown. We know sitting at home behind a screen can be tough on physical and mental wellbeing. We thought this would be a great way to motivate students and staff to get out in the fresh air, and we hoped this would keep everyone motivated to stay active after the challenge finished. We were so impressed with the commitment from students and staff. Due to such an overwhelming amount of entries, we managed to reach our target of 6,960km in just six and a half weeks which is an excellent achievement. It is lovely to see what a community can do when they work together.”

Year 13 student Adelina saw the challenge as a way to “motivate myself and others in my household to get outside and be more active. It quickly became my favourite part of the day as it was a refreshing way to clear my head after online lessons. Even though it’s finished, I’m still more inclined to go outside for walks as a way to de-stress and I hope to maintain this habit.”  

The challenge was a great way for Yusuf in Year 10 to occupy himself, as well as improve his physical health. “It also motivated me to continue going on runs even after the challenge was finished.”

Samantha, from Year 9, took part to “improve my physical and mental health and to have something to do because lockdown can get quite boring. Getting out of the house really helped my mental health.”

Reflecting on the challenge, Year 13 students Matthew said, “for me, the best way to clear my head in lockdown was to get out on my bike and go for a ride. It definitely helped my mental health and gave me a much-needed change of scenery from being in my room all day.”

Support from our Development Fund and Parents’ Association, enabled the PE Department to purchase a number of sporting prizes, from water bottles to gym bags, to reward students who submitted the most kilometers and those who demonstrated a fantastic level of commitment to the challenge. 

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