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A high-quality piano belonging to one of Liverpool’s leading composers and music teachers, who died earlier this year, has been loaned to Blue Coat School by his family to inspire a new generation of pianists.

The family of the late Tom Moss, who was Lecturer in Composition at Liverpool University and taught at schools around Merseyside, has placed his Moutrie grand piano on long-term loan to the school. Tom Moss achieved success composing music for top-rated television series such as Peaky Blinders and Call The Midwife, with his work also used in Hollywood films.

Tom Moss died in May, 2020, and his former wife Claire Rider, wanted the legacy of his career as an enthusiastic teacher of young people to live on by means of his piano being used by talented students. Ms Rider was so impressed by the standard of Music Students she met while visiting the school that with the agreement of her two sons and Tom Moss’ estate it was decided to offer the piano to the school.

The mid-grand piano is an accurate replica of a high-end Steinway instrument, made by Moutrie, in Nanjing, China. Originally a British company, Moutrie was founded in Shanghai, in 1849, to supply the Far East market, but is now wholly Chinese-owned.

Simon Emery, Director of Music at Blue Coat School, enthusiastically welcomed the piano’s arrival. He said: “I am extremely grateful to Claire Rider and Tom Moss’ family for this very generous loan.

“This piano is a very fine instrument and will be a superb asset for the many talented piano students we have within school. It will be of particular benefit to our large cohort of A Level students, many of whom go on to study music at university or conservatoire.”

Claire Rider said: “We want Tom’s piano to being a living memorial to him, used by students who would appreciate and respect an instrument of this calibre. On a visit to the school earlier this year I met the Music students and heard them perform. Their enthusiasm, talent and ability took my breath away and I knew Tom would have loved to know having his piano here would inspire a new generation.”

Scilla Yates, Headteacher of Blue Coat School, said: “This is a very special gift to Blue Coat School from Claire and the Moss family, especially considering the very sad circumstances in which it is given. But we feel very privileged to be chosen to carry on Tom Moss’ commitment to teaching music to talented young people and I know our students will benefit from using this superb piano.”

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