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After months of evening and weekend rehearsals our actors, musicians and technicians from Years 7 to 13, took their places for this year’s highly anticipated feel-good musical Legally Blonde, which got underway on Monday 10th February.

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and hit 2001 film, the plot sees a bubbly and self-assured Californian sorority sister Elle Woods swap fashion for law, when she travel across the country to Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back who she thinks is the love of her life.

Over the course of four nights the cast performed with infectious enthusiasm, high energy and panache in this all-singing, all-dancing production.

From her vocals to her mannerisms, hair and costume, Katy McEwan delivered an excellent performance as Elle. As well as carrying the production, Katy also took on the added responsibility of choreographing the entire show. Katy was incredibly well supported on stage by Oliver Merriman as Warner and law student Emmett, played by Luke James, who co-directed the production alongside Delta Nu sorority sister Beau Howarth. Serena Houghton mastered hairdresser Paulette’s Boston accent and brought laughter from the audience during her fantastic rendition of Ireland. Imprisoned fitness queen Brooke, played by vocal coach Jessica McLoughlin, produced a series of breath-taking, high intensity dance routines. 

The two stand-out musical numbers were Bend and Snap and Ireland, which were great comedy show-stoppers and could easily have provided an encore.

Leadership roles also extended to the band, with Year 13 students Simon Cheung and Connor Emery taking on the role of musical director. Both not only demonstrated first class musical prowess, but had a perfect timing that accentuated the production’s comedy. 

The only remaining question is, legally speaking, how can our talented team of performers, musicians and technicians top this year’s exceptional performance? 

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