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On Thursday 27th September The Blue Coat School hosted a special evening to launch its new Old Blues’ Portrait Gallery of innovative portraits and the newly refurbished East Wing, comprising the Sir and Ian Tod Sixth Form Common Room, Robert Styth Study Centre (formerly the Boardroom) and the Bryan Blundell Bistro.

Headteacher Mike Pennington invited the Mrs Diane Tod to cut the ribbon and officially open the Old Blues Corridor (formerly Shirley Hall Corridor) to celebrate her family’s long links with the School. The 11 Old Blues’ portraits are in a modern, symbolic style to stimulate and inspire students and visitors.

Besides being a celebration of successful Old Blues, the portraits also aim to present them as engaging individuals who are accessible and enthusiastic about new experiences and will to take an unconventional approach to achieving their goals.

Several of the Old Blues portrayed attended the picture launch including Helen Brown, BBC Sports Editor (Class of 1999); Ian Brown, international rail engineer (Class of 1990); Zia Chaudry MBE, barrister and interfaith writer (Class of 1987): Carl Cross, international fund manager (Class of 1989); Bill Currie, e-commerce and tech investor (Class of 1980); Prof Simon Hands, international physicist (Class of 1980); and Simon Leonard, entrepreneur and Gourmet Society founder (Class of 1997).

Mike Pennington, Blue Coat School Headteacher, said: “It is our Old Blues that have defined our history, brought our buildings to life, become our teachers and inspired our next generations of students.

“For all of these reasons we are proud to launch our latest acknowledgement of our Old Blues through the newly named ‘Old Blues’ Corridor’ which will host our recently commissioned Old Blues’ Portrait Gallery.

“We also thank the Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues’ Association for their generous support in funding what we know will offer tremendous inspiration and motivation to many students for many years to come.”

The success of the new Old Blues Corridor with its strikingly innovative portraits of former students, which has already become a major talking point, was only made possible by the generous support of Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues’ Association.

Cat Gransden, Director of Development, said: “We are delighted with the help we received from Liverpool Blue Coat Old Blues’ Association. As always they are an important part of the School’s financial support for projects such as this.”

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