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With the national election looming, Blue Coat staged its own Mock Election as Year 12 students fought for votes from floating student voters, at a packed hustings in Shirley Hall. It was chaired by Dr Wainwright, of the History & Politics Department, who organised the event.

Six candidates stood for election, reflecting the south Liverpool line-up for the real General Election. The party spokespersons were chosen by a random ballot and in the best debating tradition had to argue their allotted party’s cause, whatever their personal beliefs.

The Brexit Party was represented by Matthew Hannah, Conservatives by Hugh McCormick, Greens by Joshua Murphy, Labour by Tara Smith, Liberals by Oliver Merriman, and Liberal Democrats by Francesca Foulkes.

Behaviour by the parties’ representatives and the audience was lively, with students fully engaged in the debate, with cheers, applause and, occasionally, respectful boo-ing. The majority of students registered to vote in our Mock Election.

Campaigning over, 85% of registered voters cast their ballot, surpassing turnout in 2017 which stood at 71%. Year 10 emerged the most politically active year group, with 92% participating in this year’s election. 

With the votes counted and independently verified we can report that the Labour Party secured the most Form groups, taking 29 Forms in total, 23 Forms were needed to gain an overall majority. The Green Party came second, having secured the backing on 9 Form groups and in third place, The Liberal Democrats who won 4 Form groups. 

In spite of Labour’s majority, a number of results were incredibly close with three Form groups producing a tie, with the deadlock resolved by a coin toss, which would happen in a real election. 

Thanks go to Dr Wainwright for coordinating this year’s Mock General Election and to all of our candidates.  

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