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At 3:30pm on Wednesday 6th May the polls closed in The Blue Coat’s mock general election.

After a long evening spent counting over 500 ballot papers, Year 13 student Sean Bickerton, representing the Labour Party, emerged victorious with 41% of the Blue Coat vote. Sean gained the support of students from across all three key stages, with voters in favour of his Party’s pledge to end austerity and to boost job creation. Morgan King’s energising performance during the debate, which saw him focus on the need for a fairer society resulted in the Green Party achieving 24% of the vote.

Despite Katie Burke’s strong performance and understanding of the Liberal Democrat’s Party manifesto during the mock election debate, a break down of the key stage five result illustrated that Sixth Form students in particular were unwilling to forgive the Party for it’s broken promise on university tuition fees.

We would like to thank Mr Croxton for organising this year’s mock general election, and to all five candidates who took part, their enthusiasm and passion for politics helped to make this event extremely successful.

2015 Blue Coat School mock general election results:

  • Labour Party – Sean Bickerton – 41%
  • Green party – Morgan King – 24%
  • Conservative Party – Bobby Sharples – 15%
  • UKIP – Sam Miley – 7%
  • Plaid Cymru – Nathan Crist – 5%
  • Liberal Democrats – Katie Burke – 4%

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