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Thanks to support from the Development Fund and Parents’ Association, Blue Coat’s Maths teachers received a welcome helping hand with a new set of Graphics tablets bought for online lessons as the country entered its third national lockdown at the start of Spring Term. 

Ms Wilson, Head of Maths and Computing, said: “The Graphics tablets were purchased to enable teachers to write about mathematics and share their screens with the students. Typing Maths is not easy, and certainly not quick. Drawing diagrams is even more problematic. However, these demonstrations are essential when teaching Maths, hence the need for the tablets.”

The response from teaching staff has been overwhelmingly positive. One teacher said: “The Graphics tablet transformed my life. I could not, under any circumstances, have delivered any quality of lesson during remote learning without it. It enabled me to write and work through examples with classes and highlight key points. It made my Maths lessons (for all year groups) as similar as possible to live lessons in the classroom.”

Others commented on the ease of drawing: “I found the Graphics tablet very useful especially when drawing diagrams.”

While in a ringing endorsement, one Maths Department staff member declared about their Graphics tablet: “It was absolutely essential! It allowed me to continue my lessons to the same standard at home.”

We would like to thank our community of Development Fund supporters and Parents’ Association for funding this project. 

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