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Our new Blue Coat Organ Scholars George Ke and Olivia Stone will be the pioneers in taking the School’s already outstanding music-making tradition into an entirely fresh area. 

Our Organ Scholarship emerged out of the desire to create a legacy for our Blue Coat For All project, the centrepiece of which has been the restoration of our historic Father Willis organ. Old Blue and Director of Music at Liverpool Cathedral Lee Ward, from the Class of 1983, will lead this exciting new programme by delivering tuition on our Walker organ, located in the Chapel, and on Liverpool’s two cathedral organs.

George, 13, of 9 Bingham, and Olivia, 13, of 9 Graham, are both accomplished piano players, but with very varied musical tastes. George, performed a Beethoven piece for his Organ Scholarship audition, but also enjoys rock music and is a big fan of guitarist Jimi Hendrix and jazz saxophinist John Coltrane.

George started playing the piano aged five years and said his mother’s dream was to become a singer and his father was very musical when younger.

He said: “The key to good piano playing is to lose yourself in the music. I like Beethoven’s music as it’s so expressive, he said that to play a wrong note is insignificant, but to play without passion is inexcusable.”

Olivia, plays the violin and also has musical parents, whose advice on piano playing was, she said: “To keep going, even if you don’t enjoy it, as eventually you will. I like to listening to indie music, not classical – even though my dad’s in the Liverpool Mozart Orchestra!

“My ambition to play the organ started when my dad gave me a piano transcript of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue. I liked it so much that I wanted to learn how to play it on the organ. George’s audition was so good I thought he’d get the scholarship, so I was thrilled to get the second one.”

Since launching our Pipe Up campaign in January 2019 over £15,000 has been raised for our Organ Scholarship and extra-curricular music activities for our students, thanks to support from the School community as well as organisations including EMI and the Young Organ Scholars’ Trust. 

If you would like to get involved and sponsor one of our 1,224 organ pipes please click here.  

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