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Earlier this term Head of History Mr Pearson invited students to take part in Blue Coat’s inaugural history essay competition. Our inquisitive young minds were asked “If 1066 is said to be the most important date in English history, what is the equivalent in another country?”. With lockdown in full force the competition provided students with a chance to develop their research skills, practise their extended writing and extend their understanding of the wider world outside of the curriculum. 

Mr Pearson was overwhelmed by the response to the competition and the incredibly high standard of work that was submitted. George Ke’s Year 9 – 11 winning entry, which discussed the founding of Morocco’s Idrisid dynasty in 788, was entered into the Schools History Project Essay Competition. Over 160 schools from across the country took part in the competition and we are delighted to report that on Friday 10th of July, leading historian Peter Frankopan announced that George’s essay had secured third place in the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 category. 

George’s fantastic essay can be found in the latest edition of our School History Magazine. Also included are Year 7 student Shamal Harave’s winning essay on India and Year 12 student Abby Fortune’s essay on Cambodia. Please click here to take a look. 


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