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Our School History magazine, produced entirely by our History and Politics prefects, provides our students with valuable additional experience in research and writing. From historical person of the month to insights into America’s 2020 presidential election, as well as local and family history segments, this insightful platform allows students to explore a wide range of fascinating topics beyond the curriculum.

For students considering History GCSE or A Level our prefects also share news from the department including trips and first hand perspectives on the subject from Blue Coat historians. 

We caught up with History magazine editor and Year 12 student Kimberly Cota to find out more. 

In November 2019, I applied to become a member of the History and Politics prefect team; students were selected and put into a variety of ‘committees’ helping out the department in different areas, from mentoring younger students to helping run Junior History Society. I was chosen, alongside Emily Maloney, Gabriel Haywood and Holly Hunter, to produce this year’s history magazine.

As the ‘chair’ of this new team, I spoke with last year’s editor, who advised me to set deadlines in advance and allocate roles in the team for pieces covering local history, US history and politics and historical person of the month. With the new year, I decided to expand the magazine to include an interview with teachers on their personal history hero and villain. We have had some interesting characters over the past few editions, from the humanitarian Emily Hobhouse to the tyrannical Henry VIII.

We have also broadened our scope: students across the school have been really keen to get involved, writing articles on school trips to Paris and Auschwitz, their own ‘history heritage’, film reviews, inventions, advice to younger students and writing about black and LGBT+ history. The winning entries from our inaugural History Essay Competition, for the question ‘If 1066 is said to be the most important date in English history, what is the equivalent in another country?’ were also featured in our latest edition.

The History magazine would not be half as good without the enthusiasm and encouragement from the staff and students who make it possible, and I am proud of how much it has grown in the last year. I hope people have enjoyed reading it.”

For Head of History Mr Pearson:

“I have been so impressed with the quality of the Student History & Politics magazine this year. Kimberley and her team have consistently produced really well-researched and thoughtful articles that show an incredible depth and range to their historical understanding. Each edition has been a cracking read and they are entirely self-sufficient. It’s the very best of student leadership; highly motivated and talented individuals enriching the student body as a whole as they explore their passion for History and Politics. I’m really proud of them and grateful to them for all their efforts.

We were really pleased with the response we had to our lockdown essay competition as we had over 30 entries from students across every year group. We got an incredible range of responses with students suggesting seminal years in Peruvian, Moroccan, Cambodian, Egyptian, Hungarian, Russian, French, Turkish, Indian and American History to rival the significance of the Norman invasion. The judges had a very difficult job picking the winners as they were blown away by the quality of the submissions.e”

Happy reading!


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