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Increasing awareness of and concerns about our planet and environment is very much at the heart of our exciting new student led initiative to become an Eco School. 

Thanks to significant support from the MBNA Inspiring Education Programme and Blue Coat Development Fund our Eco Committee can embark on an inspiring project. A new sensory garden to support local wildlife and insects and reusable bamboo coffee cups for our Sixth Form Bistro are just two features our team of Eco Committee members will be implementing and overseeing. 

Reflecting on their new challenge committee members remarked:

“Ask any young person what is the most pressing issue of their generation, and it’s a safe bet that most will say “Climate Change”. Many of us feel a genuine fear about the future health of our planet and the inertia and complacency of many governments around the world regarding pollution, sea levels and extinction rates.

We have seen, via the Strike4Climate protests that this is a growing concern among school pupils, nationally and internationally. But now, here at The Blue Coat we want to make a difference in our own way, and transform our school into one of the most eco-friendly in the country.

Thus, the Eco-Council was born, with its goal to introduce a set of radical changes. We will reduce waste of all kinds; food, energy and resources such as paper and plastic. The school has already made a major step change by introducing free reusable plastic water bottles for all, thanks to support from the Development Fund. This has proved very popular.

However the most exciting development has been the awarding of a grant of £5,250 from the MBNA Foundation and a further £1,500 from the Development Fund in order to upgrade The Blue Coat into an Eco-School. Eco-Schools is a charity that inspires students to make vital changes that will benefit both their school and their Earth. We will review our environmental impact, integrate conservational measures into the curriculum and ultimately we hope to achieve the coveted Green Flag Award given by the Eco-Schools Charity.

In order to do this, we will use the money to lead the field in eco-awareness and practice and be the best that we can be. We hope that you are as excited as we are, and ready to do your bit in changing our school for the better.”

Founding Eco Committee members 

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