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California, renowned across the world as the home of tech start up and global companies, and for Old Blue Andrew Kehoe from the Class of 2008, the perfect location from which to set up his new tech venture. Building on his knowledge and expertise gained in the UK, Andrew’s company specialises in Cloud Environments, and working with clients such as the United States University his company continues to go from strength to strength. We caught up with Andrew to find out more about his new venture and to discover how he is adapting to life on the west coast of America.

“Having visited San Diego many times, I decided I wanted to move out there and start up a tech business specialising in Cloud Environments, having gained valuable experience of the burgeoning sector back in the UK.

Having spent three years working for a Data Center and Cloud services provider in Liverpool I set about building my business from scratch, this involved getting the necessary visa to live and work in the United States, the appropriate business licenses, sourcing office space and exploring recruitment possibilities.

Once in San Diego I started looking for potential customers that I could approach to offer my expertise in Cloud services and help them more efficiently manage their current knowledge environment. One of my customers, the United States University, approached me with an offer to work for them direct, so whilst I am now working as an employee for the University I am still developing my own business in my spare time.

Working in San Diego is fantastic, there are so many opportunities from a Cloud technology standpoint, including Education, Medical, Internet Service Providers and so much more, there are so many different areas that I can continue to exploit and improve my computing and business skills over the next few years. The two main reasons behind my success in the US I believe are firstly the fact that I am working in an area of technology that is rapidly expanding, and secondly I have a First Class honors degree in Network Engineering from a leading UK university, which is held in high regard here in California.

Whilst it took some getting used to the limited amount of holiday leave I get (10 days initially), having 363 days of sunshine is a bonus, and definitely in San Diego, you make the most of the weekends from going to the beach, the San Diego zoo, Disney, LA or visiting my sister in New York City.

I would highly recommend that students try at least a year working or studying in the USA as it is such a different experience from the UK and a truly great place to live and develop your career.”

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