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Hearing that he had landed a role in the international block-buster TV series Game of Thrones was the “best day” of Blue Coat student Matteo Elezi’s life. But as the Year 8 student is only aged 12 there probably will be much more excitement to come.

Matteo plays the young Benjen Stark in a flash-back scene via Bran Stark’s new mental powers. While in make-up before filming, Matteo talked to an adult fellow thespian about his passion for Everton FC.

“We chatted about football. I only discovered afterwards it was Kit Harrington who plays Jon Snow and is one of the biggest stars of the show! He was just a nice, normal person,” said Matteo.

“Finding out that I’d got the part of Benjen Stark was the best day of my life. I was in school and absolutely ecstatic when the message came from my mum. Casting was kept top secret, but I don’t talk about my acting much.”

Matteo’s appearance last May 2018 in Game of Thrones, season 6, episode two, followed several years acting on film, including commercials, and on stage for the Royal Shakespeare Company. He had dialect, swordfight and stunt training before filming his Game of Thrones scene.

“I had a sword fight scene with a 14-year-old boy and it took two days, with quite a few takes. The director was very patient. Off the set there’s lots of food and I had my own trailer, which was cool,” said Matteo.

He began acting in drama classes at LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) and enjoyed it so much that he joined an agency and successfully auditioned for commercials.

He said: “I sometimes get nervous and learning scripts is like doing homework. I’ve learnt how to act from auditions and I like watching other people. Maybe I’ll become a director eventually.”

Meantime, he’s waiting to see if he gets the call-back to the mythical land of Westeros and another chance to play in the Game of Thrones . . . Watch this space.

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