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Thanks to our Development Fund supporters every pound donated enables us to provide our students with a wealth of extra-curricular activities, designed to help them achieve their potential and ambitions. We are pleased to work closely with the Parents’ Association, and regularly co-fund projects to achieve maximum impact for our students. Here is a small snapshot of some of the projects we’ve funded recently. THANK YOU.

If you would like to become a Development Fund supporter please click here to access or online donation form, or if you would like further details about our Development Fund please contact the Development Team at 


From January our GCSE Computer Science students will begin work on a new electronics programme, thanks to support from the Parents’ Association and Development Fund. Students will use their skills to construct and programme their 12 new Arduino starter kits, once complete they will be able to make connections with real world applications within the classroom. 

The kits will also be made available to our growing Computer Club, with students able to work together to create their own projects, enhancing their understanding whilst developing their teamwork skills. 


“For a group of talented and enthusiastic Year 8 Religious Studies students, an opportunity to attend a Junior Stretch and Challenge conference, at The King’s School in Chester, was made possible thanks to support from the Development Fund and Parents’ Association. 

The conference, consisting of presentations and workshops, encouraged students to think beyond the curriculum by investigating a number of engaging and challenging topics in religion, philosophy and ethics. Students considered issues around genetics, animal cruelty, and the beauty of maths and finally they debated whether science has replaced God.

Throughout the event, students considered how to develop higher order thinking skills, particularly in the workshop tasks where they were part of a community of enquiry with students from other schools.

Our students were a delight throughout the whole day. They contributed to a very high standard and I received wonderful praise for them from the conference organisers about how they had engaged with each topic.” Mrs Treharne – Head of Religious Studies 

Reflecting on the conference Year 8 student Lizzie remarked, “I really enjoyed this event as we were split into groups and had a chance to share our opinions on whether animals felt pain and ethical reasoning. I also had the opportunity to put forward my ideas about science defeating God. I also enjoyed meeting and talking to new people. Thank you to the supporters of the Development Fund for a great enjoyable day!” 

For Year 8 student Billy, “I really enjoyed the debate at the end of the day. I found it interesting to listen to other people’s thoughts and opinions. The entire day was amazing so I couldn’t choose the best bit. Thank you so much for providing me and my classmates with this incredible opportunity.”


“Key Stage 3 Chemistry Club aims to bring fun to chemistry! Each week we apply what our students are learning in lessons to new and everyday scenarios. Over the course of the next few weeks we are looking at reactions that produce gases, with students conducting a popular experiment called King Kong gloves. Students will also have an opportunity to make their own bath bomb, create a model volcano, enjoy gas canons, and produce elephants toothpaste. There will be plenty of messy experiments including slime and custard behaving badly! We will also be exploring the chemistry of food and have already made mayonnaise and in the near future we will be making ice cream. Mrs Robert Chemistry teacher 

I love Chemistry Club. My friends and I really enjoy the experiment section. My favourite experiment so far has been making a bath bomb and learning about the science that goes into making one!”  


“Thanks to help from our Development Fund supporters Lego in the Library has helped students to relax and be creative. It has also encouraged teamwork, communication skills, persistence, lateral thinking and planning skills and is fun.  Students have enjoyed making towers, buildings, parks, compounds and houses and it has been very popular with all age groups.

“Lego in School is great because you can use your imagination to build whatever you want whilst building great memories. It is also very fun!”

“I think that having Lego in the Library is a good think because when you aren’t reading or studying you can play with Lego to release stress and it also makes people happier and it makes people think more creatively. It can also improve you concentration skills as well as patience.” 

“I think that having Lego makes people think more creatively. Also it’s really fun to play with friends. In addition to this, it improves one’s ability to think more deeply.” 


“This term a team of two Year 12 students and two Year 13 students were selected to take part in the UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge. As one of the Year 13 students who took part, I can safely say it was quite challenging! The event comprises of three rounds: Group, Crossnumber and Shuttle. Each one requiring teamwork and mathematical dexterity. Working together, we achieved first place and have subsequently made it to the National Finals in London which will be taking place early next year. It is thanks to Development Fund supporters that my teammates and I have been able to compete in this prestigious competition. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their ongoing support.” Year 13 student Deniz. 

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