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Thanks to our generous community of supporters the Development Fund supports and enhances provision for all of our students, enriching their learning experience and expanding their opportunities.

Due to the challenges posed by covid-19 we are regularly reviewing our funding criteria to ensure that where possible we can support classroom and remote learning.

We continue to work closely with the Parents’ Association and regularly co-fund a variety of fantastic Development Fund projects.

Here are some examples of what donations have supported this term:


At the start of the new academic year our Key Stage 3 students took part in an action-packed problem-solving carrousel. The event, which was funded by Development Fund and Parents’ Association, provided our new Year 7 students with a fantastic opportunity to get to know one another and their form tutors, while having fun outdoors.

Plenty of brain activity was on display as students and staff in their year group bubbles got stuck into activities including the caterpillar role, skyscraper and stepping stone challenges.

Reflecting on the event our Year 7 students remarked:

“I really enjoyed being in a team, having fun while working things out and problem solving outside together, instead of being in a classroom. We laughed a lot because it was fun but it was definitely challenging and we had to keep trying different methods.”

“I enjoyed getting to know more about my new friends.”

“The stepping stones river activity was my favourite because it was extremely challenging but very funny.”

“I most enjoyed the Magic Carpet most, where all 10 of us had to stand on a mat without touching the floor and turn it to the other side!”


Thanks to support from our Parents’ Association and Development Fund winners of our first virtual Great Blue Coat Bake Off were rewarded with vouchers to spend Charlotte Braidy’s cake shop.

Over the course of six weeks student bakers of all abilities were invited to take part in the Great Blue Coat Bake Off, a baking competition with a delicious linguistic twist.

Commenting on the competition, organiser and Head of Languages, Mrs Ward:

“We wanted to celebrate a range of cultures and encourage pupils to use their French and Spanish skills in their baking at home, learning key verbs and nouns used in recipes, whilst hopefully learning a bit about the dish and country of origin too. We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of our amazing entries for The Great Blue Coat Bake Off, we have been so impressed with the entries, with Star Bakers from all year groups, and some particularly talented staff taking part too! Thank you to all those who have taken part and a special thank you to our Development Fund supporters and Parents’ Association for funding our competition prizes!”


Due to the ongoing global health pandemic departments are regularly reviewing how they can deliver effective remote learning, should staff be required to work from home or if schools are required to close.
With funding from the Development Fund and support from the Parents’ Association our Maths and Computing Department have access to six graphic tablets, which will support the modelling of methods and strategies.

The new tables will allow staff to teach effectively from home by sharing crucial handwritten examples in real time with students via a computer screen, significantly impacting student understanding.


With an increased number of students opting to travel to School via bike, we are purchasing additional bike racks to meet the high demand, thanks to support from the Development Fund.

We hope this new storage facility will encourage more students to cycle to School and thus maintain a healthy activity lifestyle.


With a wealth of artwork created by our talented students our Art Department are keen to showcase this work around Blue Coat for staff and students to enjoy.

Support from the Development Fund and Parents’ Association has enabled the allowed the department to purchase new frames and proudly display past and present student artwork.


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