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Thanks to our Development Fund supporters our all-weather astro turf pitch has received a major refurbishment. The work which took place in April and cost £16,000 has enhanced its performance and extended its longevity. A vital resource for our PE department, this high quality learning space is home to a wide variety of curriculum and popular extra-curricular activities, ensuring our students have access to a range of sports encourages them to pursue active and healthy lifestyles.

Following the work Head of PE Mr Phelan said,

“On behalf of the PE department I would like to say a big thank you to all of our Development Fund supporters for the refurbishment of our astro turf facility. 

The facility was installed over 13 years ago and has been an invaluable resource to the PE department. It has enhanced the curriculum at Key Stage 3 and 4 and has assisted in extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities in all Key Stages. It was a difficult decision last year to de-commission the astro turf but this was made due to health and safety concerns. The loss of this resource was felt immensely across the department as this vastly reduced the amount of sports we could offer and students had to participate in indoor lessons in larger groups which impacted upon their learning and progress. Our girls Hockey teams suffered without a facility to practice and play fixtures on. Hockey had developed not just in the curriculum but as an extra-curricular strength of Blue Coat since the astro turf was first installed. It has been a superb resource and was available in all types of weather with students participating in sports ranging from Football, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, Rounders and Health Related Fitness.

Thanks to the Development Fund and its supporters the astro refurbishment will continue to have an enormous impact in the development of students skill , tactical awareness, knowledge and understanding in a variety of sports. The quality of teaching and learning will be enhanced across a whole range of sports, extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities which in turn will provide our students with the enjoyment of taking part in a wide variety of activities and being physically active. It also strengthens the department’s aim to reinforce the value of a balanced active healthy lifestyle through engaging students in a physically active lifestyle, not just for their time at Blue Coat, but for the rest of their lives.

The department now has a brand new resource which will create an enjoyable and productive working environment for both staff and pupils.

Once again a big thank you to our Development Fund supporters for making this possible.”

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