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It’s always fascinating to find out the origins of food. This was critical question addressed in a special Blue Coat Bake Off competition by Years 8, 9 and 10 as part of their food curriculum and practice.

Students had to anonymously submit their best creations for judging. The class voted and the winner was given a selection box for a prize. The Year 8 winner, Nekaa, really thought about her design from start to finish, said Mrs Kerr, DT Teacher.

“For the Bake Off competition, each class was provided with the ingredients and basic instructions only. The students had to use their prior knowledge for baking and creative skills to decorate and present their best festive treats,” said Mrs Kerr.

In a section titled Food Provenance, classes researched traditional foods. Year 8s baked cookies, while Year 9 and 10 also made peppermint creams, a traditional British treat.

Year 10 are investigating British foods and celebratory foods. Year 9 are looking at the staples of food and seasonal ingredients.

Mrs Kerr added: “For the same recipes, the students’ research took on the angle of looking at the ingredients. For example, did you know that cookies originated in Persia and are traditionally a middle eastern treat?”

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