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On Thursday 27th May we bid a fond farewell to the ‘Unique’ Class of 2021.

The problems created by the unexpected eruption of the Covid health crisis and its impact on the school didn’t dampen spirits for the Year 13 Leavers’ Celebration which was able to go ahead this week.

To mark this special occasion Year 13 students and their form tutors were invited to a Celebration in the School Chapel, led by the Headteacher Mrs Yates, UCAS Coordinator Ms Holland and Key Stage 5 Leaders Mrs Bennett and Mrs Rawlins. Afterwards, the celebrations continued during a farewell buffet in the Boardroom.

There were superb music interludes by the Senior School Choir singing Bridge Over Troubled Water conducted by Mr Emery, Director of Music and accompanied by Music Teacher Ms Horton. Year 13 Music students also sang an Abba medley, including solo spots for Rachel and Holly, accompanied by a septet. There was also a photo montage of Year 13’s best (and a few embarrassing) moments. Other speeches were given by Head Boy Oliver and Head Girl Sadia.

The Head said she hoped that, in spite of the Covid health crisis interrupting their schooling, the Class of 2021 would have plenty of good memories to look back on. She said: “You are unique and over the last two years we have become so proud of you for handling this situation so well. It will be a special part of what you are, and you should always remember that.

“Staff tell me you were a lovely year group. For the future, some of you will have plans and some will not, which is all ok. Embrace the unexpected, which you’ve now already had some experience of! Many of you will be fine and successful, whether earning £100,000, buying a dream house or having a wonderful career, but the essence of success is what brings out the best in you.”

Mrs Rawlins said: “Change is inevitable in your lives, but you now have the skills to make a positive change in the world. It’s been a privilege to help you get this far and prepare you for the future.”

Mrs Bennett reminded students how proud all the staff are of their remarkable personal and academic achievements in such a difficult final year, and how far the students had travelled on their personal and academic journeys from starting in Year 7 to now leaving in Year 13 to face the outside world and its challenges, adding that Blue Coat School will “always be here for you”.

We wish the Class of 2021 every success for the future. 

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