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Blue Coat has appointed two Climate Change Ambassadors as part of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week which was launched in advance of the international COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow next month.

Along with other Blue Coat Sixth Formers, Blue Coat’s new Climate Change Ambassadors Tim and Larissa, both Year 13, took part in the School’s COP online event.

Students from around the UK were invited online to discuss ideas on cutting carbon emissions and achieving net zero. It is the first time Blue Coat has been involved with the project.

Along with 50 other student Climate Change Ambassadors in schools across the country, Tim and Larissa will help to promote interest in crucial climate change issues over the coming weeks and discuss how engineering can help to resolve growing environmental problems.

Footage from the online sessions will be condensed into a 20-minute film and then students will vote to decide which are the best ideas.

Design and Technology teacher Miss Kerr, who is co-ordinating the project in Blue Coat, said: “The event will show how the engineers behind technological and scientific breakthroughs will be central to the world’s response to climate change in the coming years.

“It is important to see the link between climate change, engineering and other subjects. Although Tim and Larissa don’t plan to go into engineering, they understand how it connects with every course.”

Larissa plans to study biology and Tim would like to study international relations, but both are aware how their subjects are connected with engineering to affect climate change.

They are both very interested in the environment and feel optimistic about the future, as Larissa said: “Without hope, it’s so easy to fall into despair.” Tim added: “What we’re doing is asking people how society can change to address these issues.”

Larissa said: “It’s incredibly important to young people that they have a voice on climate change as it’s their future, but there’s not a lot of time to do this. If we don’t make changes soon it will be too late.”

Tim said: “By interesting other young people you give them hope and they don’t feel they’re the only ones worrying about these vital issues. It’s not just an area of interest for a few privileged people, it affects every single one of us.”

The Schools COP Summit will be broadcast online on Monday 8 November for all schools across the UK to take part in.

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