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It’s Children’s Mental Health Week from 1st -7th Feb and this year’s theme is ‘Express Yourself’. Given the year we have all had we really feel that this is an ideal opportunity to promote mental health and give students a chance to explore this theme through activities and have some fun!

This is where we could use some help from our generous Blue Coat School Community! 

Do you have something that you do to express yourself which might be different to how others see you or a particular skill which others could benefit from? We are hoping to put together a timetable of short activities that students could engage with over the week and show them that it is okay to be who we are, enjoy what we like and relax and have fun.

If you’d like to get involved you can either:

  • Send us a short (10-20 secs) video of you doing what you like to do/talking about what helps you unwind/express yourself, e.g.
  • reading a poem you wrote
  • dancing around your kitchen
  • talking about a favourite film and what it means to you
  • playing music
  • taking the dog for a walk in your favourite spot

And/ or:

Send us a short instruction video of your creative skill/way of expressing yourself that the students could follow, such as:

  • talking about why you like to bake and going through a recipe with the students
  • hints and tips on writing a good poem or piece of music and why you like to express yourself this way
  • dance steps
  • mini exercise class
  • mini-meditation sessions.

If you would like to get involved please send your film to ideally by this Thursday 28th January.

Thanks for getting involved!

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