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Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

This term twenty-nine Year 12 students took part in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. The competition aims to stretch and challenge students interested in chemistry and provides an excellent experience for students considering taking their studies further. Set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists, it’s designed to be accessible to Year 12 chemistry students but takes them significantly beyond the syllabus and encourages them to think about science in the way they would at university.

In all students achieved 11 copper awards, 11 silver awards and 3 gold. Special congratulations to Tabitha who was awarded a Roentgenium award, which puts her in the top 54 students out of around 7000 sitting the test in the country. This is the third time a Blue Coat student has achieved a Roentgenium award in recent years and is a real achievement.

Royal Society Chemistry Schools’ Analyst competition:

Eleven teams of A-Level Chemists took part in the Royal Society School’s Analysts competition. A practical competition open to all schools nationally, it provides students with a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate and expand on their existing chemistry knowledge, skills and aptitude for analytical science through practical analytical experiments based on relevant societal or industrial problems. Team results will be compared against those from other schools nationally, in the coming weeks.

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