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A world of opportunity awaits the Class of 2016 following their A Level success at the end of the summer. Of all grades awarded 45.6% were A*- A, which demonstrates a fantastic level of commitment in their chosen subjects.

Speaking in August, Headteacher Mr Pennington congratulated students saying, “Our students and staff deserve to be extremely proud of these terrific outcomes. It is a real pleasure to see our students achieve so well as a result of their hard work, determination and effort.”

Our latest cohort of Old Blues have taken up places at some of the country’s most prestigious universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, Durham, Manchester and Kings College London to study a wide variety of subjects such as Aeronautical Engineering, History, Computer Science, Maths and Music.

Now having completed their first term at university we are looking forward to catching up with the Class of 2016 at their first official Old Blues’ event in January 2017 after A Level Prize Giving.

Class of 2016 Profile
Stuart Curry
Durham University – KMPG Sponsored Degree


“Since leaving the Blue Coat in June 2016 I have taken a different path to most of my friends. I decided to apply for a sponsored degree and have now joined the accountancy firm, KPMG. I am currently on their School Leaver Programme studying at Durham University and working as an audit assistant for the firm in Glasgow.

After a busy month at university, I am now starting to work in National Market audit whilst working towards my professional qualifications to become a Chartered Accountant. My current role involves auditing small to medium sized companies in the Glasgow area.

Whilst the job is challenging it will be worth the hard work as in 4 years time I will graduate from Durham University with a BSc in Accountancy and in 5 years I will be professionally qualified with one of the big four firms.”

Joni Chan
Oxford University – French and Spanish


“University life will always be a unique experience for each individual, but at Oxford, I truly believe in what everyone is told before applying — that there is no university experience quite the same in the world (except perhaps at ‘the other place’, as we so affectionally call the second part of Oxbridge).

Feeling a profound sense of enlightenment about your subject occurs on a daily basis as you walk out of your lectures, seminars and tutorials, and never have I been surrounded by so many amazing people who are all equally passionate about their chosen degree — a shared attitude towards academia binding our community together.

My mentality when moving to Oxford was essentially a desire to embody the most stereotypical Oxfordian life imaginable, which for me constituted taking up ballroom dancing, swiftly following the Oxbridge tradition of finding myself a ‘college wife’ and ‘proposing’ to her in the classiest way possible, and posing for photos with hordes of tourists as we strolled around the city in gowns on Matriculation Day.

Everywhere you walk in Oxford, you are constantly reminded of the historic and academic significance of such a renowned institution — an institution I am so truly proud to call home.”

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