Through PD (KS3 and KS4) and CIAG (KS5) lessons, Careers Interviews, National Careers Week events, Careers and World of Work themed assemblies, students in Years 7-13 are given the opportunities to develop skills which will enable them to engage with CIAG, take responsibility for their future choices and to start research and plan for their future.

Through Career Planning, students develop the skills of:

  • Self-Awareness by asking where am I now?
  • Career Exploration by asking where do I want to be?
  • Career Management by asking how do I get there?

Students are made aware of and directed to use a range of websites to develop their knowledge and understanding, links to these suggested websites are below:

Labour Market Information: LMI

When planning future career paths, good practice is to check out LMI. These websites will help:

Job skills and profiles:

LMI data:

An excellent range of job and employment sector profiles

STEAM: Science, technology, art, engineering and maths careers

Explore career videos, quizzes, focus on subjects

National online careers film and video library

Information about local employment trends

Compare information about different career areas, salary and employment trends

  • Careerometer

Information about career sectors, advice about work and university options and information for parents.

A great starting point for comprehensive, objective information on a vast range of CIAG material; UCAS stands for University Colleges and Admissions Service and its website has a really excellent set of information to help with making important decision and applying to University

The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector. Their website is very informative, especially their booklet, Informed Choices, which explores factors to consider when making GCSE and especially A level choices

Overview or alternatives to Higher Education

One of many websites available to research taking a Gap Year

Advice on apprenticeships, applying to university, studying at college and the world of work

Information on apprenticeships

Apprenticeships Resources

UK’s official graduate careers website, useful to look forward at what is happening in the graduate careers world, includes careers advice, information on jobs and work experience, postgraduate study, job sectors, student life

Includes official data for undergraduate courses on each university and colleges’ satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey, jobs and salaries after study and other key information for prospective students

Offers information and advice on applying to higher education

Database of university events for schools and colleges

Calendar of dates

Guidance on applying for finance to support university life

Information about volunteering