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In November 2013 we reported on Round 1 of the British Physics Olympiad, a nationwide competition designed to test understanding and problem solving skills. Participation provides students with an opportunity to see the real-world problem-solving potential of physics.

We are pleased to announce that the results are in and well done to everyone who took part. Special recognition goes to Joseph Clarke who receives a book prize for his gold medal achievement. The British Physics Olympiad is recognised as one of the most challenging competitions, even for the most capable physics’ students across the country.

Joseph  – Gold

Luke – Silver

Elouisa – Bronze II

Alexander – Bronze II

Anna – Bronze II


Kirushan – Commendation

David – Commendation

Abolfazl – Commendation

Teja – Commendation

Rishi – Commendation

Jack – Commendation

Ian – Commendation

Clara – Commendation

Patrick – Commendation

Jacky – Commendation

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