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As voters across the United Kingdom prepare to cast their vote in the European Union referendum, votes from our mock referendum held on Wednesday 22nd June were counted and ready to be revealed.

In the run up to the crucial vote students assembled in the School Chapel to learn more about the European Union’s founding principles, its history and its impact. They also had a chance to listen to two very passionate presentations delivered by Head of History Mr Pearson and Mr Cox from the Politics Department, in which both outlined the main arguments put forward by the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign and Vote Leave campaign.

Thanks must go to the Head of Politics Mr Croxton for marking this significant moment in British politics.

With the votes now counted we can reveal a breakdown of the results.

Overall: Turnout 69.8%

Remain: 83.3%
Leave: 16%
Spoilt: 0.6%

Year 7 and Year 8

Turnout 80.2%
Remain: 82.8%
Leave 16.7%
Spoilt: 0.6%

Year 9 and Year 10

Turnout: 71%
Remain: 79.9%
Leave: 19.5%
Spoilt: 0.6%

Year 12

Turnout: 48.4%
Remain: 90.2%
Leave: 8.8%
Spoilt: 0.6%

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