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Blue Coat School students went the extra mile for Year 8 Tod’s Sport Relief 2020 campaign when they took part in a variety of fundraising activities, from non-uniform day to purchasing Sport Relief wrist bands, and over 200 staff and students took part in the famous Sport Relief mile.

More than £2,000 was donated by Blue Coat students for Sport Relief, which helps support vulnerable people around the UK and in some of the world’s poorest countries. This year’s campaign was led by Year 8 Tod students Livia, Hills, Tobi and Louisa, who researched and created seven assemblies outlining the charity’s work and how students could get involved and support this year’s campaign. Over the course of a week and a half Livia and Hills presented their series of assemblies.

Collections held at the end of each assembly raised £90, with students from 8 Tod raising a further £120 from Sport Relief wrist band sales and over £1,800 was donated during non-uniform day on Friday 13 March.

Reflecting on the campaign Year 8 Tod Form Tutor Mr Phelan, said: “The four students deserve great credit for their innovation, creativity and leadership skills. Livia and Hills showed great maturity in delivering the assemblies to 150-180 students each time. Tobi and Louisa did a great job collecting donations after each assembly.

“All four campaigners have been selfless and committed to ensuring Sport Relief 2020 was a success. These students demonstrated resilience and have excellent communication skills.

“Also on Friday 13 March the entire School was invited to join the PE department at lunchtime to take part in the Sport Relief mile around the school field. In spite of being optional it was fantastic to see more than 200 students and staff take part.”

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