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Students in our Chess Club have been using lock down to take on new challenges, including a team match against Chester Juniors and a Simul with Phil Makepeace of “The Chess Pit Podcast”. 

Chess has had a huge surge in popularity during the lock down and there are a huge number of online platforms for beginners and seasoned chess players alike. 

Our students are hosting an “Old Blues vs Current Blues” chess tournament on later this month with the intention of connecting with as many of the school’s former chess enthusiasts as possible. 

Whether you were a protegee of Mr Champion or Mr Shipgood, or a complete beginner to the game we’d love to invite you to take part! 

The online tournament will be taking place on Thursday 28th May at 6.30pm. Lichess is a completely free chess website and you can sign up to the tournament here. The password is Blu3c0@t1708. If you’d like any more information on the tournament please contact Jenny Long at 

Chess Club coordinator and Old Blue Jenny Long from the Class of 2009 is the driving force behind Chess Club’s incredible resurgence over the past four years. You can find out more about Chess Club here.


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