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On Wednesday 6th May The Blue Coat School community gathered together in the Shirley Hall for Winged Words, our annual literary and performing arts event. Students and teachers took to the stage to read poems, speeches, extracts from novels and drama sketches illustrating how poetry and the joy of expressing the written word unites people across this diverse and changing world.

Throughout the course of the evening French, Polish, Spanish and African poems were represented and read in the native language, with the audience provided with an onscreen English language translation displayed behind the performer.

Highlights from the event included a reading of John Betjeman’s ‘A Shropshire Lad’, performed by Year 9 student Matthew Woodhouse. When asked why he selected Betjeman’s poem Matthew commented, “I was struggling to find a suitable poem for the event and I ended up asking my dad. John Betjeman immediately came to his mind, a poet close to his heart and a major part of his childhood. I was reluctant at first as I thought that his works may be a tad out-dated, but once I studied the poem for a while I realised why he was my dad’s favourite. The poem tells the tale of Captain Webb, the Dawley man.”

Year 9 student Natalia Barton chose one of her favourite poems, Tadeusz Ró?ewicz’s ‘Kto jest Poet?’, stating, “It speaks of a poet and his roles, but also the roles he cannot fulfil. A little confusing perhaps, but I enjoy the rhythm of the poem.”

The event also provided an opportunity for our students to showcase their literary talents, with Year 8 students Laura Gill and Esme McKenzie performing their own work, ‘Decisions, Decisions’ and ‘Silently Screaming’. Both poems were extremely well received by the audience.

Prizes were awarded by a team of judges in the following categories:

Best Poem – Laura Gill- Year 8
Best Drama – Janani Murugesh- Year 10
Best Individual Performance – Emmeline Poole- Year 11
Best Group Performance – English Sketch – Year 10
Highly recommended – Exposition Chair Year 10

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

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