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For the last few years the Mathematics Department have offered Fun Maths Roadshows to local primary schools with great success. This year there were 15 Roadshows involving pupils from 10 local primary schools. It is a very successful event that the pupils and staff thoroughly enjoy.

Each Fun Maths Roadshow is a 1½ hour event for up to 30 Year 4 pupils and is led by 4 or 5 Year 10 students, studying for their Maths Leaders Award.

Pupils undertake a couple of Maths activities at the start and end of the session but the main focus of the event is on the Fun Maths Roadshow. This is a carousel of 15 maths puzzles that pupils complete in pairs. Year 7 students are stationed at each puzzle to explain to the pupils what they need to do.

Pupils spend approximately an hour and a half of Maths outside of their normal learning environment and enjoy themselves into the bargain! Miss Wilson, Head of Maths

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