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Blue Coat School is making steady inroads into the number of students at Oxford University, according to two Old Blues from the Class of 2018.

Connie Bostock and Roshan Karthikappallil, are both University Ambassadors and students at University College (one of Oxford University’s 38 colleges). They returned to Liverpool to talk at a Blue Coat Sixth Form Assembly about Oxford entry and student life there.

They agree that studying at Oxford gives them incredible access to world-renowned lecturers, who just a year before were names on the text books they were studying. Both really enjoy their courses and the college social life.

Connie, who is reading PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics), said: “I’m loving it: I love my course and I’m in a really lovely environment. There’s a good social network with four Scousers in our college – Blue Coat has its own clique in Oxford, we’re taking over! We work hard and we play hard.”

Roshan, who is reading Medicine, said: “The course has met my expectations. It’s a lot more ‘sciency’ than I anticipated, but I’ve enjoyed every aspect of being at Oxford, including the student life. Away from the lecture theatre I’ve written and performed in our college sketch show. I’m not sure what aspect of medicine I’ll specialise in yet, but I’ve got six years to decide.

“It’s a wonderful place to be, my room in college is better than my bedroom at home. University College is very central and you can walk out of the door and into this amazing city.”

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