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During the 2014/2015 summer term Year 9 Design and Technology students were invited to take part in a competition to enhance the environment of the School Quad. Working together in small groups, each was set the challenge to create a design, within a given budget, that would be put in place ready for the new School year.

Preparatory work complete, each team pitched their ideas to a designer using PowerPoint and a 3D model of their design. Students submitted a wide range of design ideas making the final decision very difficult for the designer. After plenty of deliberation the winning design belonged to students Jessica, Tay, Eve and Chloe.

In the words of the winning team: “We chose to put in extra facilities such as tables and benches, and added a sun shade above the new eating area to create a shelter from the rain and sun, so it can be used all year round. We split up the work between the four of us and helped each other out where it was needed.”

Congratulations go to all four girls for their fantastic design.

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