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The Intermediate Maths Challenge for Years 9 to 11 took place on Thursday 2nd February. With the results now in we are delighted to report that Blue Coat students gave a record breaking performance, achieving 33 Gold, 63 Silver and 38 Bronze certificates.

Particular congratulations go to Jonathan Liu (Year 11) who was ‘Best in School’, and Deniz Rad for Best in Year 10 and Safwan Albeshti for Best in Year 9. All three students, and Joel Chu (Year 10), have also qualified for the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad.

In addition, 28 students have qualified for the follow-on round, the Intermediate Kangaroo, to be held on Thursday 16th March.

Well done to all students.

Miss Wilson – Head of Maths

Test your skills by completing a question taken from this year’s challenge.

Two brothers and three sisters form a single line for a photograph. The two boys refuse to stand next to each other.

How many different line-ups are possible?

A. 24     B. 36     C. 60     D. 72     E. 120

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