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Here in the Development Office one of our new year’s resolutions is to delve into and dust off the Blue Coat archive. Our archive contains documents, photographs and artefacts chronicling the rich 300 year history of the School, but we need your support!

If you have any Blue Coat items you think would be of interest lurking in your loft, whether it be whole School or sports team photographs, newspaper cuttings, old copies of the Squirrel or School records, items and memories that you would be happy to share, we would love to hear from you. We would like to borrow your Blue Coat memorabilia for a few weeks so that it can be scanned and added to our digital archive, and once completed it will be returned to you, or with your permission items can be donated to the collection.

Expanding our archive collection is a fantastic way of showcasing the Blue Coat’s 307 year history, and a great opportunity to be part of something that will ensure your time at the Blue Coat is remembered.

For more information please contact the Development Office

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