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On Tuesday 9th June our Headteacher Ms Yates emailed all of our students outlining how the School plans to involve students in helping Blue Coat do better in promoting equality and celebrating diversity of all kinds:

Dear students,

You will all be aware of the immense response there has been in some countries around the world, including the UK, to the circumstances and injustices surrounding the death of George Floyd. This has triggered a strong campaign and action to again challenge racism and inequality towards Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities and individuals.

This racism and inequality has to be challenged and we all have a responsibility to stand up against racism, injustice and inequality of any kind. 

I know that up and down the country young people in particular have joined with others to take action and sharing a voice of solidarity.  This is impressive and admirable.

I am fully aware that many of our students feel passionately and strongly about ensuring equality of opportunity for all and are angered and appalled when they see racist or discriminatory behaviour of any kind.


The Black Lives Matter campaign calls for all organisations of every kind to challenge themselves to reflect upon and review behaviours, cultures and practices within them. The Blue Coat school has a responsibility to do this too.

We are proud of the rich diversity of culture and background that exists amongst our student body and I am very proud of the positive way students embrace difference in each other. As a school, however, we could do much better in promoting equality and celebrating diversity of all kinds.

Students at The Blue Coat School are excellent advocates for important issues within society and this was recently demonstrated in the focus by young people, across the country and the globe, on climate issues, resulting in the founding of the school’s first Eco-committee. It is clear from successes like this, that our students’ passion and leadership has the ability to make positive changes to the school community and beyond. 

As a start, I would like to form a focus group with Y11 and Y12 students in the first instance, to explore some of the ways we as a school can review our practices and how we can educate students more specifically about all aspects of diversity, with a particular focus on the key issues surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.  This initial discussion will provide us with the foundation to build upon with other year groups as we develop our plans for improving the education and promotion of equality and diversity within our school community further.

Senior leaders and I will keep you informed about the outcome of the focus groups and our plans moving forward.

I very much look forward to working with students to address this very important issue.

​So, continue to take good care of yourselves and your families.

Best wishes,

Ms Yates


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