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Budding Blue Coat Biologists finally got their scientific goggles on to conduct experiments this half term, an essential part of this fascinating subject which our students look forward to and enjoy, but was halted due to the Covid crisis restrictions. 

Reflecting on the final few weeks of the summer term, Head of Biology Mrs Elliot said: “It has been great to see our Biology students return to practical work this half term, after such a long absence. Our Year 7 students have been busy learning how to use scientific equipment such as a microscope, investigating the presence of nutrients in food, and they have finally been able to use a Bunsen burner to conduct experiments, something they have been looking forward to for a very long time!

For one Year 7 Biologist, “I’ve really enjoyed Biology this year, we have been learning about the human body and we have carried out some practical work. Sometimes we have had very surprising results! It is nice to understand and evaluate what the results are.” 

“Year 8 students have been investigating photosynthesis, detecting the presence and abundance of starch in leaves kept in dark and light environments using ethanol and heat from a water bath. They have subsequently investigated the rate of photosynthesis by counting oxygen bubbles at different light intensities.

“Our GCSE biologists have made great progress with their required practical work, from using a light microscope to observe, draw, and label a selection of plant cells and include a magnification scale, to observing the impact of pH on the rate of reaction of amylase enzyme.

We look forward to continuing our practical work with all year groups in the next academic year.”

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