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Blue Coat Chess Club held a hugely popular Friendly Blitz Tournament for students and staff, on Tuesday 27 November, to give its players practice in competing in the Merseyside League.

Some 60 students took part in series of 10 minute games with the aim of each person playing up to four games. Organised by Miss Long, Blue Coat Chess Club Co-ordinator, this Blitz Tournament was bigger than the first one held to publicise the Chess Club two years ago, but only three teachers took part, compared to seven staff previously.

Unsurprising perhaps, as the Year 12 ‘Irregulars’ Team admitted that one of their prime motivations in entering the tournament was to “play teachers and show them up”. This brutal ambition succeeded in blitzing the staff, with no teacher winning a game.

The real aim of the tournament was to get players, especially the many new Year 7 Chess Club members, a chance to get used to competitive playing, said Miss Long. This is so the Club can enter the expanding junior congresses organised by Merseyside Chess Association League.

Miss Long said: “It was lovely to see so many students from right across the school being so enthusiastic about chess, although it was a bit chaotic and noisy for what’s a cerebral game.

“If it wasn’t for the Development Fund supporting us with boards and 20 clocks we wouldn’t be able to give this great opportunity to the students.”

Mr Ainsworth, who put in the strongest teacher’s performance with one game drawn and one lost, said: “It was a good experience and I’d do it again. I’m always happy to help, even though I haven’t played chess for 20 years!”

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