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Towards the end of last term eight of our Year 12 students were given the opportunity to attend an Actuarial Experience Day at Barnett Waddingham. The day clarified the role of an Actuary and how to become an Actuary. As well as learning about the type of work undertaken, the students also had an opportunity to talk to key personnel at various stages of their careers.

Once again, thanks to Barnett Waddingham, and Sarah in particular, for providing this valuable opportunity for our students.

Here’s what some of our students had to say about the experience:

“We managed to carry out mathematical tasks to calculate pensions and insurance to gain a basic experience of the nature of problems an actuary faces.”

“I would recommend this day to anyone interested in Maths; it has made me consider becoming an actuary as a possible career path for the future!”

“It was very enriching as I now have a better understanding of actuaries and am now considering a career in that area.”

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