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“This year’s Founders’ Fortnight activities centered on “A World in One City,” providing our Modern Foreign Languages department with an excellent opportunity to celebrate and showcase the variety of languages spoken by Blue Coat students.

During a series of special lunchtime Language Taster Workshops our incredible students volunteered to share their linguistic expertise with their peers. Each session provided our budding linguists with a chance to learn three new Languages. The lunchtime carousel proved to be a fantastic success, and even though the event was unexpectedly cut short after just three days, students were taught Italian, Slovak, Korean, Chinese, Tamil, Persian, Croatian, Telugu and Farsi by students from Year 7 all the way up to Sixth Form. 

This was just the start, the department had planned two weeks of lunch time sessions packed with students wanting to share their language skills with students and staff. Due to the popularity of the lunchtime carousel this event will get underway when our students return to Blue Coat. 

Thank you so much to all staff and students involved, it was so wonderful to see students learning new languages from each other in this way!”

Mrs Ward – Head of Modern Foreign Languages 

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