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Being offered a job by the Foreign Office in Mallorca proved Old Blue Nikoletta Michael’s belief that studying languages is a big advantage in forging a fulfilling career.

This was her message to Blue Coat Sixth Form language students when she visited the School for a question and answer session. She also impressed a Year 7 French class when she dropped by to say ‘Bonjour’!

Nikoletta, of Class of 2011, joined Blue Coat in the Sixth Form and her A Levels were French, Spanish and English. She has just accepted a job as Consular Officer, at the British Consulate in Palma de Mallorca. Previously she was European research co-ordinator for a US policy analysis and research firm in London, but has lived in France, Spain, Belgium, South America – not forgetting her childhood home in Huyton.

She said: “I had a wonderful time at Blue Coat and still keep in touch with my friends. It gave me the confidence to take my degree in Spanish at Montpellier University in France, which was a big challenge.”

“Being forced to speak French and Spanish was the best way to learn a language and it opens so many doors,” she said, adding: “I did a Politics Masters degree, which combines well with languages and allowed me to take internships at EU institutions in Brussels.”

For a year she was a charity worker in Colombia and also a Parliamentary intern at the House of Lords, using her languages there too. Having a Cypriot family background means she also speaks Greek and said: “Languages don’t confine you, they complement what you do later on. They have broadened my options so much when I came to look for jobs.

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