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Quelling job interview anxiety and practising presentation skills were at the forefront of a mock interview event held for Blue Coat Upper Sixth formers.

Some 155 students and 36 interviewers took part in the event organised by Mrs O’Rourke, Key Stage 5 Leader, which included 38 prospective medical and dental applicants at an earlier session focussed on those subjects.

The one-to-one interviews were 35 minutes each with five minutes of feedback and interviewers were selected from the widest possible variety of professions, such as construction, engineering, media and university admissions.

Mrs O’Rourke said: “We believe this gives vital help to students as they won’t go into an interview cold, not knowing what to expect. The medical and dental mock interviews were very bespoke and intense, based university-style. We also back up the event with documents and packs for students.
“We had a couple of Old Blues as interviewers by default and I hope next year we can get far more. The event also helps us to think about how we can develop students’ presentation skills and build their confidence at interviews.”

Sixth form student Mia said: “I was interviewed by a speech and language therapist which was great as I’ve volunteered at Royal Liverpool Blind School and hope to go into medicine. It was really helpful to find out your strengths and weaknesses. I was told I was a bit too negative about myself, but you’ve got to get a balance between being confident but not arrogant. It’s such valuable practice.”

Interviewer Maria Breslin, Senior Editor at Liverpool Echo Online, said: “It’s about building up confidence ahead of job and university interviews to prepare students for the outside world.”

There will be a similar event for Year 11s held in January, 2019.

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