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On Thursday 5th February 170 students from Years 9 – 11 took part in the 2015 Intermediate Maths Challenge, recognised as one of the country’s largest national maths competitions. Organised by the UK Mathematics Trust, the charity seeks to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics through national competitions and enrichment activities.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s results mark our best ever performance in the competition. Our talented mathematicians achieved 44 Golds, 49 Silvers and 46 Bronze certificates. We would like to congratulate all our students for their fantastic performance.

Special congratulations go to Year 9 student Jonathan Liu, who scored a very impressive 124 out of 150, earning the title ‘Best in School’. Jonathan will now progress to the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad along with fellow students Kieran Cheung, Alex Gaffney, Sam Jones, Saad Khan and Yvonne Lam.

A further 30 students who took part in the competition have also qualified for the European Kangaroo Competition.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish students the best of luck as they prepare for their next mathematical challenge.


You can test your maths skills by answering this question taken from this year’s Intermediate Maths Challenge:

A voucher code is made up of four characters. The first is a letter: V, X or P. The second and third are different digits. The forth is the units digit of the sum of the second and third digits.

How many different voucher codes like this are there?

A 180     B 243     C 270     D 300     E 2700

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