Please have a look at the information below to find out more about The Blue Coat School

Our Statement of Belief

‘Non sibi sed omnibus’

We believe that The Blue Coat School is a learning community committed to academic excellence and guided by principles of justice and compassion. We aim to foster intellectual, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual development. We expect everyone to demonstrate qualities of courtesy, honesty, diligence and enterprise. We believe education to be an undertaking of supreme importance, enabling all to become responsible citizens and active participants and leaders in the wider community.

Our School motto therefore holds true: ‘Not for oneself, but for all.’

Our Statement of Aims

We aim to prepare all students to be good, useful, productive citizens by:

  • maintaining high expectations
  • offering a variety of experiences
  • encouraging students to be lifelong learners
  • providing a supportive pastoral and careers system
  • offering students an interactive experience with the world beyond education.

We aim to achieve the highest quality teaching and learning by:

  • recognising the needs and talents of every individual
  • encouraging every student to achieve his/her potential
  • developing positive attitudes to learning, to work and to study
  • maximising student achievement through the effective use of teaching and learning facilities
  • continuing to improve the learning and social environment
  • developing information and communication technologies as strategies for learning.

We aim to ensure effective involvement by all partners in the school’s life by:

  • maximising opportunities for involvement in home-school partnership to support student achievement
  • developing opportunities for governor training
  • ensuring the school meets the needs of its community
  • providing opportunities for continuous professional development for all staff.

We aim to foster the values of responsible citizenship in a democratic society by:

  • providing opportunities to exercise responsibility and leadership
  • making students aware of, and encouraging them to form views on a range of political, social, moral and spiritual issues
  • encouraging students to understand and tolerate the views of others
  • encouraging mutually supportive relationships amongst all members of the school community.