The Foundation exists, as the charitable arm of the Blue Coat School, to create and use its funds to support its programme of development and maintain the school estate. It does this whilst also building up and maintaining a portfolio of investments to enable it to meet future school needs which cannot be met from increasingly pressurised central government funding.

Our objects, in the following order of priority, are:

  • The provision of items, services and facilities for The Blue Coat School;
  • The promotion of education of individuals attending the School who are in need; and
  • The promotion of education of former pupils from the School who are in need.

The Foundation has two key roles regarding its estate and buildings. Firstly, to support the school in continuously upgrading its facilities to provide a 21st century learning environment for its students and secondly, to maintain its significant and important cultural heritage – comprising its Grade II* listed buildings.

We achieve these two aims through an annual programme of maintenance and through our funding role which saw us contribute £150,000 in the last year towards the costs of new classrooms which have increased the School’s capacity to use the latest IT in its delivery of teaching and learning.

As well as contributing to the School, we look after a number of funds which have their own aims, such as the M L Cobb Awards which were established with a legacy gift, and supports former students in need, and The Late Sir Alan Tod Travel Scholarship Fund which provides funding to enable students to travel abroad.

Promoting Our Heritage

Our heritage is hugely important to us. Our buildings on Church Road were built between 1903 and 1906 by notable architects Briggs, Wolstenholme and Thornley and to this day the School remains a building of national architectural and historic interest. We are proud of our Grade II* Listed Status, which marks the building among the top 8% of all Listed Buildings nationally.

The outstanding architectural value of the School is reflected in the words of architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner, who described the School as;

“Without doubt the most impressive building in Wavertree and one of the most impressive half-dozen of its date in Lancashire”.

We are always delighted to open our doors to the local and wider community. Every year we open our doors to the public as part of Liverpool’s Heritage Open Day.

In looking to the future, the Foundation has worked closely with the School, parents and Old Blues to create the Blue Coat Development Board which strategically manages our joint approach to all aspects of funding for the school.